Kool 105 has teamed up with The Humane Society of Northwest Montana and The Flathead County Animal Shelter to bring you the Kool Pets of the Week.  These pets are available for adoption, simply call The Humane Society at 752-PAWS or The Flathead County Animal Shelter at 752-1310. Visit this page each week to meet two pets looking for a loving home.

    The Humane Society and the Flathead County Shelter are currently showing pets for adoption by appointment only.  If you would like to meet one of our Kool Pets in person, please call and make an appointment.


    Meet Lyra!

    This shy lady is a sweet, beautiful girl. Lyra can be a bit timid meeting new people, but once she does come out of her shell, she is a sweet, playful cat. Her favorite toys are the teaser toys! She has lived with another cat in the past, so we do believe she would do well having a cat friend. We are unsure how she feels about dogs, so we do recommend a slow introduction. Lyra does have to be on grain free food. Despite her shy exterior, Lyra is quite a love bug. Once she is in her perfect home, she will be the best lap cat! Lyra cannot wait to find the best home to settle into. Every animal adopted from the Humane Society of Northwest Montana has been spayed/neutered, microchipped, and administered age-appropriate vaccinations.



    Summer has been adopted!
    Please click on the Flathead County Shelter logo below to check out the other dogs and cats waiting for adoption. 





    City Cats seeking Country Life

      Got Mice? We can Help!

    Our Barn Cat Program is designed

    to match highly trained mousers

    with welcoming barns, shops, or other

    safe environments. Qualifying barn

    cats are altered, vaccinated, and micro-

    chipped, and they prefer living and

    working outdoors to living an

    inside life.



    Please call 406-758-2412

    or email for more information.

    Farm Life is the Life for Me!

    If you have a barn, stable, warehouse, shop, nursery, etc. then you can help save a cat!

    While the majority of cats can easily live as indoor house pets, sometimes we have cats who prefer to live as a working cat.  Cats in our Working Cat Program, also known as our Barn Cat Program, fall into one of these categories:

    • Under-socialized cats who prefer the company of other cats/animals over people.

    • Feisty cats who are on a mission to hunt and when kept as indoor cats tend to bite or scratch.

    • Cats whose litter box habits make them unable to live in the house successfully.

    • Cats who were outdoor cats prior to surrender and cannot acclimate to an indoor home.


    Please note that we do not adopt indoor house cats who are suitable to being household companions into barns, warehouses, etc.

    Adopting a working cat can help you control a rodent population while providing companionship for your barn animals.

    What we provide
    When you adopt a cat through our Working Cat Program, the cat will be:

    • Spayed or neutered

    • Up-to-date on vaccinations and testing for common feline diseases

    • Micro-chipped (a form of permanent identification)

    We will review guidelines to help you acclimate your cat to your environment in a safe manner.

    What you provide

    • Shelter in a warehouse, barn, outbuilding, or stable, away from high traffic streets

    • Daily food and water

    • Long-term veterinary care, as needed

    • A secure dedicated space to allow for the cat’s acclimation to its new environment.  This can be a tack room or an indoor enclosure that they cannot escape from.  In some cases we may be able to lend you a crate or cage for the introductory period.


    Things to consider
    Adopting a cat through FCAS can help save the life of a cat who may not have other options.  However, the care of a working cat is still an important responsibility.  You will be assuming care for the cat for its lifetime, which may be as much as 15 or 20 years.   In exchange for providing the essentials of food & water, medical care, and shelter, your working cat will earn its keep by helping to control the rodent population in your building.

    Please call 406-758-2412 or email for more information.

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